US 287 in Lamar from Park to Colonia

Starting in August 2016 and scheduled for completion in December 2018, Crews on this project will install accessible ramps, upgrade US 287 in Lamar—from Park to Colonia—via bump-outs and pave the road with concrete. Project work started in August 2016 and is scheduled for completion in May 2019.

Project Progress
Spring 2017




1 February - July 2017 Park to Oak
2 July - December 2017 Oak to Beech
3 December 2017 - June 2018 Beech to Maple
4 June - December 2018 Maple to Canal

Note: All dates are subject to change.

Completed Work

  • The bore underneath the railroad
  • Installed the electric and conduit from Park to Elm Street
  • Storm and waterline work in the first block of Phase 1

In Progress

  • New light installation (anticipated completion in early June)
    • This work may continue beyond the active work zone, requiring temporary traffic control but no full lane closures.
  • Storm and waterline work from Pearl to Parameter (on track be at Oak Street by the end of May
    • For this work, crews must create a protected work zone (Zone 1) in the middle of 287 using concrete barricade. This will reduce northbound and southbound traffic to one lane for one to three blocks. Once crews install the utilities, traffic will be moved to the eastern-most lanes (zone 2) to perform storm drain and waterline work, as well as new concrete pavement on the southbound lanes.
    • Crews will then flip everything and perform the same work in the northbound lanes (zone 3). Crews will place signs indicating access to businesses during each phase of construction.
    • Frontage road access will be available by sidewalk.
    • The rest of Main Street will stay in the normal two-lane configuration.

Project Facts

  • Cost:
    $10.5 million

Project Team

  • Contractor(s): American Civil Contractors

Traffic Impacts

  • ACC will maintain at least one lane of through traffic in each direction during construction.
  • Expect lanes 12 feet in width, preventing wide loads from traveling through town on Main Street.
  • Expect barrier protecting the work zone for three blocks during each phase, limiting business access to right in and right out only.
  • There will be no parking on Main Street within the three-block work zone.
  • The speed will be reduced for the safety of the workers, and to prevent vehicle damage.
  • Work will be completed from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.