US 285 Safety Improvements

About the Project

U.S. Highway 285 (US 285) continues to experience traffic congestion and crashes due to the increase in motorists that travel the corridor.  The Colorado of Department of Transportation (CDOT) has identified safety improvements near the town of Bailey.

The US 285 Safety Improvements project is intended to make the route safer for the traveling public, reduce risk for local residents, improve flow through the area, and reduce crashes. The project has two areas of focus:

  • Section A: northbound US 285 through the town of Bailey
  • Section B: northbound/southbound US 285 between the interchange at CR 72 and Rosalie Road (approximately one mile)

In addition, safer and more efficient routes as a result of the removal of the traffic signal at US 285 and CR 43A.

Project Facts

Cost: $1.35 million
Timeline: Construction TBD
Location: US 285 between Mile Point 221 - 226

Us 285 project map


  • Decreasing possible crash locations at the intersection of US 285 and CR 43A
  • Free right turns at CR 43A allows for improved traffic flow
  • Increase acceleration lane length to design standard at the interchange of US 285 and CR 72
  • Reduce crossover crashes by installation of median barrier
  • Reduce the potential for rear end crashes by the removal of the traffic signal at CR 43A
  • Decrease travel speed through Bailey
  • Provide deceleration lanes in Bailey


  • Provides safer access points to businesses in Bailey

Travel Times

  • Removal of the traffic signal at CR 43A allows traffic on US 285 to flow through the area removing the traffic backups currently occurring

Section A

  • Traffic calming through town, and reduce travel speeds
  • Improve local residence safety
  • Allow safer access to local business

Section B

  • Reduce traffic queuing and delay
  • Improve travel time
  • Allow safer access for local residents
  • Reduce traffic crashes
  • Improve air quality


  • July 2020: Digital Public Meeting •
  • Due to public input received, the CDOT project team will take additional time to fully assess the feedback prior to establishing the construction schedule.
  • CDOT will review concerns raised during the virtual public engagement event, survey findings and coordinate with Park County officials before determining how and if the project moves forward.

The total program cost for this project (construction, project design and management) is approximately $1,350,000. Funding came from the Funding Advancements for Surface Transportation and Economic Recovery 

(FASTER) Safety Program.

FASTER established the Road Safety Fund to support the construction, reconstruction, or maintenance of projects that the state Transportation Commission, a county, or municipality determine are needed to enhance the safety of a state highway, county road, or city street.  The fund dollars are allocated based on a statutory formula: 60% to CDOT, 22% to counties, and 18% to municipalities. For CDOT, FASTER provides approximately $80 million per year in safety funds.

To date, FASTER Safety funds have supported 270 projects across the state.