I-70 Mountain Corridor Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS)

CDOT has committed to using Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) on the I-70 Mountain Corridor. Below, you can find guidance on the CSS process and other related information for building the I-70 Mountain Corridor.
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I-70 Mountain Corridor Guidance

Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) on the I-70 Mountain Corridor.

The guidance on this site includes the context statement, the core values, a decision-making process, stakeholder comments, background information, maps, plans and legal commitments, and other tools to implement CSS throughout the corridor.

Start a Project with the 6-Step Process

Each project starts by using the 6-Step process, the heart of CSS. Understand the 6-Step Process here.

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Project Life Cycle Phases

Each project has 5 distinct life cycle phases. Understand the Project Life Cycle Phases, from concept to completion.

For questions and comments about the CSS process email Vanessa Henderson