I-70 Kipling Interchange Study

Step 1: Planning & Environmental Linkages Study

In July 2013, CDOT completed a Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) Study of the interchange. This detailed transportation study—informed by broad public outreach, including two public meetings, community focus groups and frequent agency coordination—provided a plan for future improvements to:

  • reduce congestion;
  • optimize operations;
  • improve safety; and
  • provide multimodal connections at the interchange

Project Area

The focus of the project is the I-70/Kipling Street interchange area in Wheat Ridge.

    Step 2: NEPA & Preliminary Design

    In early 2019, the project team completed the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Preliminary Design phase of work. This project followed the CDOT and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) NEPA process to:

    1. Examine the needs for improvements to the interchange area;
    2. Identify the proposed action;
    3. Investigate the anticipated benefits and impacts of the proposed improvements (through an environmental assessment);
    4. Produce preliminary design plans, and;
    5. Make funding, scheduling, and phasing recommendations.
    6. Public and agency input was used in the decision-making process.

    Step 3: Eastbound I-70 Auxiliary Lane Early Action Improvement

    The full interchange reconstruction project is not yet fully funded, so CDOT plans to phase implementation of the transportation improvements. In 2019, CDOT designed and constructed an eastbound I-70 auxiliary lane from Ward Road to Kipling Street. Benefits include:

    1. Improved Eastbound I-70 operations and safety by reducing congestion in proximity to the Kipling Street Off Ramp
    2. Will be in place and not require additional construction during ultimate I-70/Kipling interchange reconstruction
    3. Added capacity to address the immediate need and provides benefit during construction of the ultimate I-70/Kipling interchange

    Step 4: North Phase Early Action Improvements

    The second early action project, which involves improvements on the north side of the interchange identified during the NEPA study, was designed in 2019-2020 and will be constructed in summer 2020. This North Phase project will:

    1. Widen the westbound I-70 Off Ramp for a second right turn lane and reconstruct the traffic signal
    2. Remove the existing 49th Avenue traffic signal and convert that intersection to right-in/right-out turn movements
    3. Widen the westbound approach at the Kipling/50th Avenue traffic signal to add a second left turn lane
    4. Modify striping for traffic movements along the North Frontage Road

    I-70 Kipling Interchange Project Details