Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the project is to reduce congestion, optimize operations, improve safety, and accommodate multimodal connections at the I-70 and Kipling Street interchange.

Following public review in March 2017, the Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) configuration was confirmed as the Preferred Alternative. This interchange layout is similar to the interchange at US 36 and McCaslin Boulevard in Louisville. However, Kipling Street will remain under the I-70 bridge. To improve interchange safety and operations, modifications are planned to the north and south frontage roads, and local street circulation in the interchange area. In addition, an eastbound I-70 auxiliary lane from Ward Road to Kipling Street will be added to improve ramp operations.

Yes: Public input will be gathered throughout the 30-day public review of the Environmental Assessment document, and considered by CDOT and the Federal Highway Administration prior to issuing a decision document to finalize the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process. Public input received to date has helped shape the details of the interchange design and will continue during subsequent final design efforts.

The NEPA study and preliminary design phase was completed in early 2019, and the project can move forward. Final design of improvements must be made, followed by the right-of-way negotiation and acquisition process. Additional public involvement will occur in the final design phase, and close coordination will occur with impacted property owners and businesses.

The timeline for construction of improvements is dependent on funding availability. Funding has not yet beenidentified for full interchange reconstruction. However, completing the NEPA study provided more information about the recommended improvements for CDOT and the City of Wheat Ridge to consider in the pursuit of funding. The interchange improvements will be constructed in multiple separate project phases as funding becomes available. CDOT has already secured funds for the first two project phases.

Two projects have been identified as early action improvements. Design and construction funding has been identified for these initial improvements. The first phase involves design and construction of the eastbound I-70 auxiliary lane from Ward Road to Kipling Street. The second phase will include the westbound I-70 off ramp and improvements north of the interchange. This will include removal of the Kipling and 49 th Avenue signal, westbound I-70 off ramp dual right turns, double left turns lanes from 50 th Avenue to Kipling, and reconfiguration of the North Frontage Road near 50 th Avenue. These early action improvements are expected to be constructed in 2019 or 2020, and will be fully within the existing public right-of-way (no private property acquisition will be required).