I-25 Concrete Panel Replacement from Fort Collins to Owl Canyon Road

About the Project:

Construction crews have resumed work on the concrete panel replacement and diamond grinding project on the northbound lanes of I-25 near Fort Collins.

This project will improve safety for the traveling public by replacing crumbling concrete panels and grinding the existing concrete pavement to take out the bumps that are due to settling in the roadway to create a smoother drive. The improvements will provide a smoother driver’s experience and help lessen the damage to the roadway. Concrete panels that are cracked, broken, and not seated properly will be replaced to mitigate further deterioration of the road.

Improvements include concrete panel removal and replacement, joint sealing to minimize the effects of surface water infiltration, full depth roadway repair in sections that are damaged beyond pothole filling, and pavement markings.

During the 2023 construction season, crews completed the concrete panel replacement on northbound I-25 concurrent with the diamond grinding operation.

Ongoing Work

Crews are currently working on the southbound lanes on I-25 south where concrete panels will be replaced, followed by diamond grinding and concrete sawing and sealing. The full project repairs with diamond grinding and sawing and sealing will be from CO 14 in Fort Collins to Owl Canyon Road in Wellington.

Project Benefits

  • Diamond grinding will smooth the roadway by taking out the bumps or pavement variability, whether it is due to settling or cracking. A smoother ride is a better driver experience and it also lessens the damage to the road from bouncing vehicles.
  • Concrete panels that are cracked, broken, and not seated properly will be replaced to mitigate further deterioration of the road.

Work Schedule:

  • The project begins in early October and will be completed in December 2024
  • Daytime work hours are from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

Traffic Impacts:

Motorists can expect the following impacts during the period of construction:

  • Single lane closures will be 24 hours a day, beginning each Monday at 7 a.m. to Friday 5 p.m. There will be no lane closures on the weekends.
  • Nighttime work hours may occur from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.
  • 11’ width restriction will be in place when the lane closures are in effect.
  • Speed limit is reduced to 55 MPH through the construction zone and to 45 MPH through the crossover.
  • Construction trucks entering and exiting the work zone.
  • Refer to COtrip.org for real-time travel conditions and road closures

Work this Week & Lane Closures
I-25 Concrete Replacement

Project Facts

  • Construction Cost: $11.9 Million
  • Contractor: Castle Rock Construction
  • Timeline: October 2023 to August 2024
  • Location: From Hwy 14 in Fort Collins, to Owl Canyon Road 
    • Nearest Town/City: Fort Collins
    • Mile Point(s): 269.26 to 281.33
    • County: Larimer
I-25 Concrete Replacement project map
I-25 Concrete Replacement project map