I-70 & Harlan Street Bridge Replacement & Interchange Safety Improvements - Construction Phase

About the Project:

CDOT and prime contractor, ACC Built, have begun construction on a project to replace the I-70 bridge over Harlan Street. The bridge was built in 1967. With close proximity to Interstate 76, US 287 (Federal Boulevard) and CO 121 (Wadsworth Boulevard), this bridge experiences the highest daily traffic volumes in this corridor. Due to its age, heavy usage, and the seasonal weather, this bridge experiences frequent deck and concrete cracking. This deterioration has led to planned and emergency multi-day repairs causing delays and rerouting of traffic on Colorado’s busiest east-to-west corridor. All of these factors have contributed to the need for replacing the I-70 bridge over Harlan Street.

Work this Week & Lane Closures
I-70 & Harlan Bridge

Project Facts

  • Construction Cost: $18.6 Million
  • Contractor: ACC Mountain West
  • Timeline: August 2022 through February 2025
  • Location: I-70 Bridge over Harlan
    • Nearest Town/City: Wheat Ridge
    • Mile Point(s): 269 to 270
    • County: Jefferson

Project Benefits:

  • New traffic signal to help facilitate operations of left turn movement at 48th Avenue at the new WB I-70 ramp entrance intersection
  • Realign EB through movement to better align with the receiving lane east side of the intersection
  • Reconstruct traffic signal so that the signal heads are over each lane and more visible
  • New raised island to prevent unexpected turning vehicles; protects left turns onto I-70
  • Remove access onto I-70 WB on-ramp, removing unexpected movements and conflicts
  • New access to WB I-70 on-ramp, separating movement from 48th and Harlan
  • New bridge over I-70
  • New sidewalks under the I-70 Harlan bridge

Other detailed benefits:

  • At the Harlan intersection, the westbound approach from 48th Avenue will allow for one through lane and a dual left turn movement that is only allowed to proceed with a green arrow.
  • Additional signage and pavement markings will be installed to clarify which lane motorists need to be in to safely navigate through both the reconstructed traffic signal at Harlan/48th and the new signal at the proposed new westbound I-70 ramp access.
  • The new signal at the proposed new westbound I-70 ramp access will not stop westbound traffic, and eastbound traffic will only be stopped when westbound traffic is turning left to access I-70. At all other times, the eastbound indications will be green and the westbound left indications will be a flashing yellow arrow indicating proceed when an acceptable gap is present.
  • To prevent traffic queues from backing up into the intersection at Harlan/48th, the westbound left green arrow onto I-70 at the new signal will be synced with the westbound 48th green phase as well as the northbound Harlan to westbound 48th left-turn green phase.

Work Schedule

  • Daytime working hours will be from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Nighttime working hours will be from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., Sunday through Thursday

Traffic Impacts:

  • Motorists can expect single lane closures on Harlan Street and W. 48th Avenue with occasional full closures of the intersection and under the Harlan bridge.
  • I-70 will have shifts in traffic with no full daytime closures.
  • Motorists can expect single and double lane closures at night and/or for immediate road maintenance when required.