Collaborative Effort

The I-70 Collaborative Effort (CE) is a 27-member group representing various corridor interests. The CE was charged with reaching consensus on a recommended transportation solution for the I-70 Mountain Corridor. CDOT and FHWA were active participants and both agencies committed to adopting the CE’s Consensus Recommendation in the PEIS.

The CE approved a multi-modal transportation solution for the I-70 Mountain Corridor in June 2008, after eight months of work. The Consensus Recommendation includes both transit and highway improvements, based on proven needs.  These improvements are aimed at enhancing the corridor, its environment, and its communities. It also allows for flexibility in determining the order for improvements to be made and the ability to assess impacts of improvements as time goes on before new improvements are implemented.

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Ongoing stakeholder engagement is necessary because the aforementioned improvements may or may not fully address the needs of the corridor beyond 2025, and the recommendation does not preclude nor commit to the additional mutli-modal capacity improvements. CDOT and FHWA will convene a committee that retains the Collaborative Effort member profile. The committee will establish its own meeting schedule based on progress made against the approved triggers, with check-ins at least every two years.  Such meetings will review the current status of all projects and will consider the following triggers in evaluating the need for additional capacity improvements.

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