I-70 Record of Decision

Click here to review the I-70 Mountain Corridor Record of Decision document.

A Record of Decision (ROD) signals approval of the Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) from the Federal Highway Administration. On June 16, 2011, the Federal Highway Administration signed the Record of Decision approving the Preferred Alternative for the I-70 Mountain Corridor Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS). The Federal Highway Administration approval marks the end of nearly 20 years of study and discussions about improvements for the I-70 Mountain Corridor. The recent decision approves a program of transit, highway, safety, and other improvements on the 144-mile route between Glenwood Springs and the western edge of the Denver metropolitan area. Click on the Record of Decision or Final PEIS documents to find additional details about the decision and approved improvements.  Implementing the approved improvements will increase capacity, improve accessibility and mobility, and decrease congestion along the Corridor. The decision does not authorize any specific construction projects but provides a framework for implementation of projects in the Corridor as funding allows.