Rating and Award System

When a project has been constructed, a rating system can be used to score the sustainable and environmentally friendly elements included by the contractor. While developing the guidance for the Core Value of sustainability, the authors of the guidance researched several existing systems for transportation facilities.  GreenLites© and Green Roads© were found to be excellent examples of rating systems for construction projects. Both were also determined to be methods for recognizing projects that are constructed in a sustainable manner.

Although both were developed with a focus on roads, the components of the GreenLites© and Green Roads© systems are adaptable to any type of transportation construction.

Green Roads©, developed by the University of Washington, is a rating system designed to distinguish high-performance sustainable new or redesigned/rehabilitated roads. It awards credits for approved sustainable choices and can be used to certify projects based on total point value.

Green Roads©  provides a straightforward means of understanding and quantifying sustainability in roadway design and construction. Categories for credits are shown below with one expanded category:

Category Goal Credits
Sustainable Design
Reduce impacts due to design choices, including the road alignment.
Materials and Resources
Reduce impacts from material extraction, processing, and transport.
Stormwater Management
Reduce impacts of polluted stormwater and treatment devices.
Energy and Environment
Improve human and wildlife health.
Construction Activities
Reduce impacts from construction activities.
Innovation Encourage innovation in design.