Criteria for Evaluation

Establishing criteria provides the basis for making decisions consistent with desired outcomes and project goals. The Criteria for Evaluation should be used to support the Core Values for the I-70 Mountain Corridor, previously developed agreements and commitments, design standards, and other state and federal requirements.

In any project or study, the Project Staff will review the I-70 Mountain Corridor Context Statement, Core Values, and CSS Evaluation Guidance to identify criteria or guidance relevant to the decisions that will be made on the project. The Project Team will work with the Project Leadership Team, county representatives, and the public to establish the specific vision, goals, and criteria. It is important to determine the criteria prior to developing potential alternatives to establish a fair process that reflects the stated outcomes and project goals.

It is also important that the needs of all stakeholders are represented in the criteria, including local, state, and federal priorities and requirements. If legal or policy requirements must be met on the project, these must also be incorporated into the criteria to ensure their consideration in alternative evaluation and selection. These would include design standards of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials and the Colorado Department of Transportation, as well as National Environmental Policy Act criteria. Criteria should also reflect the range of stakeholder interests.

The criteria presented include measures for the Core Value of sustainability. Criteria for other Core Values also measure sustainability, such as right-of-way needed for a project or travel time for each corridor.