Step 4: Develop Alternatives or Option

In Step 4, the Project Staff works with the Project Leadership Team (PLT), stakeholders, and the public to identify alternatives or options relevant to the desired outcomes, project-specific vision, and goals. This work includes the review of commitments previously made for improvements, options outlined in the Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) Guidance, and brainstorming options to meet the desired outcome, vision, and goals for the project.

Engaging the public and other interested parties in this step provides an opportunity to identify and consider a wide range of alternatives and ideas in a structured approach. Ideas introduced at this step can be evaluated and documented in a way that all interested parties can track and understand. This minimizes new ideas brought forward in later steps and creates a streamlined and transparent process. Strategies developed in past corridor efforts have been captured in Strategies by Core Value and will supplement the brainstorming effort.

Alternatives or options may include complete alternatives that address the desired outcomes and project goals. They may also be smaller parts of a solution that can be combined into a package of options to form an alternative or elements of an alternative. The important aspect of the brainstorming exercise is to allow all ideas to be captured.  They will all be considered and documented in Step 5: Evaluate, Select, and Refine Alternative or Option.