Collaboration and Communication

Ongoing Collaboration and Communication

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will partner with county agencies and stakeholders to convene County-Wide Coordination Meetings. These include county, city, and town representatives who will meet on an agreed-upon schedule in order to discuss upcoming projects, ongoing projects, and maintenance activities. Federal and state agencies and special interest groups may also be involved in these meetings.

Additionally, CDOT will organize public meetings that will be open to all stakeholders when their input is needed or when information is available for discussion.

Project Collaboration and Communication

Every project in the I-70 Mountain Corridor will form a Project Leadership Team (PLT) to lead the project. The PLT is a collaborative stakeholder team that focuses on the decision-making process and moving the process forward.

The Project Staff is a multidisciplinary team that includes experts in planning, design, public process, and communication. This team focuses on the day-to-day work of the project.

Optional Project Teams:

Technical Teams are multidisciplinary teams that include experts in each of the Core Values. Projects with multiple issues and stakeholders may require Technical Teams. The Project Staff may act as the Technical Team for smaller projects or projects that address a single issue, such as rock fall mitigation or pavement overlays.

Issue Task Forces are multidisciplinary teams that include stakeholders and experts in the Core Values surrounding a single issue. When a single or focused issue arises during a project, the project may require an Issue Task Force. The Issue Task Force will report its recommendations to the PLT or the Project Staff, after which the Issue Task Force will be dissolved. The Project Staff may be the Issue Task Force for a project addressing a single issue, such as updating a traffic incident management plan.