Life Cycle Phase 3: Project Design

Project Design develops construction plans for a project. In this phase, the Project Staff ensures that the final design is consistent with the conceptual design and commitments made during the Project Development phase. The Project Staff continues to coordinate with the public, as well as with the agencies having jurisdiction in the project limits. This coordination occurs through Project Teams, public outreach, and one-on-one meetings with property owners to address issues such as access and design refinements.  Project Design may include value engineering for more complex projects and may initiate right-of-way acquisition if right-of-way is required for Project Construction. Project Design will review environmental mitigation/sustainability commitments and ensure that they are included in the construction design/specifications/bid package. Construction phasing is considered during Project Design, particularly for larger projects that may not be fully funded.

Deliverables include project design plans, construction plans, specifications, and cost estimates. The Project Staff will complete environmental permits/certifications such as 404 permits and SB 40 certifications during this phase.