Life Cycle Phase 5: I-70 Mountain Corridor Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring

I-70 Mountain Corridor Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring includes inspection, monitoring, assessment, management, and maintenance of completed facilities. Deliverables from this phase provide feedback to Phase 1: I-70 Mountain Corridor Planning and Phase 2: Project Development for consideration on future projects. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) maintains a Maintenance Management System inventory list of roadway features along state roadways. This list includes items such as surface type, ditch length, and culvert count to assist in the development of maintenance projects. If a maintenance activity is part of an ongoing program or plan, the 6-Step Process must be used to update or revise any existing plans and/or programs as outlined in the Sample Tasks and Documentation Matrix. Traveler information and traffic management are important aspects of this phase and should be addressed in plans or programs.

Stakeholders in the I-70 Mountain Corridor identified sustainability as an overarching value. Tracking the success of sustainability efforts is a major function of this life cycle phase. Sustainability Success Tracking efforts are detailed in the sustainability Core Value.

Deliverables include monitoring feedback, site-specific maintenance best management practices, and program documents such as traffic incident management plans, mowing and paving programs, and safety inspection reports.

"We must deliver these projects in a manner that justifies public trust and confidence in our ability to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us."

~ Mary Peters, Secretary of Transportation