Areas of Special Attention (ASA)

Areas of Special Attention are locations or stretches along the I-70 Mountain Corridor that have been identified as having multiple or unique issues. Stakeholders identified these areas during the Aesthetic Working Groups; therefore, all Areas of Special Attention can be seen on the I-70 Mountain Corridor Public Comment Map.

Addressing the various issues and integrating them into design solutions requires further understanding of stakeholder concerns, issues, and suggested solutions. Where available, these have been recorded and provided in a report for each Area of Special Attention.

The 19 Areas of Special Attention that have been defined are as follows:

Area Location Major Issues
Mountain Mineral Belt Floyd Hill* Design speed; steep gradient; tight curves
Central City Unsightly cut and fill slopes
Twin Tunnels* Slowing traffic that creates congestion; wildlife; land bridge
Idaho Springs* Narrow canyon; potential conflict between I-70, Idaho Springs and Clear Creek
Downieville-Lawson-Dumont* Narrow canyon; potential conflict between I-70, Idaho Springs and Clear Creek
Empire Junction* Most open and flat part of the county; potential conflict between I-70 and Clear Creek, and efficient land uses
Georgetown/Silver Plume* Steep grades that create congestion; cut and fill slopes; I-70 bisects Silver Plume
Crest of the Rockies Herman Gulch* Narrow forested canyon; potential conflicts between I-70, Clear Creek, wildlife and forest
Eisenhower/Johnson Tunnel Approach* Slowing traffic that creates congestion; aesthetics of the approaches to the tunnel
Silverthorne* Congestion on I-70 between Frisco and Silverthorne; heavy traffic volume on US 6 and SH 9 closely spaced intersection contribute to vehicle incidents
Officers Gulch Weather conditions, tight curve, and interchange geometry all contribute to higher accident rates
Top of Vail Pass* Potential maintenance facility relocations
West of Vail Pass Truck traffic and traffic volumes contribute to congestion - Level of Service "E" on weekends by 2025
Town of Vail* Narrow Canyon; dense development; multiple interchanges; major regional destination
Western Slope Dowds Junction* Landslide; tight curves; 4% grades; interchange geometry
Wolcott Curves* Tight curves
Eagle Airport Interchange Regional destination; new development
Dotsero Truck parking; rest area; new development
East Entrance Glenwood Springs*
Slope stabilization; revegetation; aesthetics; transition from urban geometry in Glenwood Springs to rural geometry of canyon


* Reports have been prepared for these Areas of Special Attention. Refer to the Must See, Must Do links to view these reports.

How to Use the Reports

The intent of the reports is to provide a record of the discussions focused on the specific Areas of Special Attention to planners and designers of the I-70 Mountain Corridor. The reports include the concerns expressed by the stakeholders, including citizens, business owners, property owners, organizations, and agencies. Also included are a description of the area, the goals and objectives for the area, relevant plans that must be reviewed, and the process for moving forward.