Working Groups - CSS Process

Decision Process Working Group

Methods for Decision Making must be fair, open, equitable and inclusive. Collaboration moves decision making beyond individual and agency interests. New ideas will always be considered with respect and an open mind.


  • Design a collaborative decision process that will ensure future decisions are made in a fair, open, equitable and inclusive manner.
  • Include in the process a method for amending the CSS Guidance Manual with new ideas and best practices.
  • Design the process to be scaleable based on project size and adaptable for each of the 5 Life Cycle Phases.


  • Increase understanding of Decision Science.
  • Customize the 6 Step Process for the corridor.
  • Customize the 6 Step process for each of the 5 Life Cycle Phases.
  • Increase understanding about effective teams.
  • Establish the framework for required and as-needed teams.
  • Establish the appropriate public participation and information for each phase.
  • Gain endorsement and support for the process.
  • Document the products.