Interpretive Plan

Interpretive planning connects visitors, recreationists, tourists and guests with ideas, resources and opportunities for engagement and learning.

The Interpretive Plan is the framework for consistent and timeless efforts focused on understanding, appreciating, and honoring the historic and other unique features of the I-70 Mountain Corridor. These efforts build communityand provide quality visitor experiences that support tourism.

The purpose of the I-70 Mountain Corridor Interpretive Plan is to support:

  • Collaboration
  • Decision-making
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Funding

The plan provides a process to support corridor partners in identifying opportunities for interpretation and strategies and techniques to enhance visitor experiences before, during and after coming to the corridor. These strategies are intended to brand the corridor and increase visitors’ appreciation of, and sensitivity to corridor resources.

The scope of this plan is focused on the I-70 Mountain Corridor from C-470 to Glenwood Springs. At the corridor level, it is focused on a consistent approachto interpretative activities which will select, develop and implement interpretivematerials in conjunction with specific project mitigation or outreach activities.

The corridor stakeholders developed this plan for use on Tier 2 projects in the corridor.

If CDOT, in consultation with corridor stakeholders, determines that mitigation requirements could be met through interpretation, it will follow the guidance in this plan to identify and develop interpretive applications. In determining whether mitigation can be addressed through interpretation, it is important to consider historic, man made, natural and visual resources for impacts and potential interpretation.