Federal Boulevard Corridor Safety Study

About the Project

The Colorado Department of Transportation is evaluating South Federal Boulevard from US 285 to Belleview Avenue to improve safety for motorists and pedestrians along this corridor. The primary purpose of this study is to evaluate the need for roadway, intersection, and multi-modal safety improvements on this two-mile corridor of Federal Boulevard (Corridor) illustrated in the following figure. 

Project Area

Federal Design Study Project Location MapThe Federal Design Study project is on Federal Blvd.
from US 285 (Hampden Ave) to Belleview Avenue

Study Survey

Recommendations for the Corridor will be made based on existing traffic operations and accident data, as well as input from affected businesses, residents, and the traveling public. The goal of the study is to develop recommendations to increase safety and mobility for motorists and pedestrians that can be incorporated in future resurfacing projects on the Corridor.

Federal Boulevard Design Survey

Schedule & Important Dates

  • Digital Survey: February 2024
  • Public Meeting: April 17th, 4-7pm at Sheridan Library
  • Final Report: August 2024

  • Increase safety for all modes of transportation and support a Vision Zero strategy
  • Channelize specific intersections and reduce turning points, including evaluating raised medians
  • Increase mobility in the Corridor 
  • Develop recommendations based on the study and public feedback

Per the Federal Highway Administration, studies show that raised medians make the streets safer for all:

  • Reduction in motor vehicle crashes
  • Reduction in vehicle speeds on the roadway
  • Provide space to install additional roadway lighting and signage
  • Provide a point of pedestrian refuge while crossing roadway