I-70 West Operations Plan (2015-2016)

Study Overview

The I-70 West Operations Plan is being developed for the interstate corridor between mile post (MP) 133 in Dotsero to MP 269, at approximately Wadsworth Boulevard.

The purpose of the plan is to identify and prioritize operational improvements for the I-70 West Corridor to improve safety, mobility and reliability without adding new capacity to the corridor. To ensure corridor-wide collaboration with stakeholders, CDOT will follow a Context Sensitive Solutions process (CSS), which will include a chartering meeting to review the I-70 corridor context statement, review corridor core values and review the six steps of the CSS process.

Using the CSS six-step process, the project will be guided by a project leadership team, and project data will be reviewed by a technical working group.

For more information, see the project leadership team materials page.

Project Phases

The I-70 West Operations Plan will be completed in several phases.

The first phase targets the region between Copper Mountain (MP 195) eastbound to the Veterans Tunnels (MP 242). The project builds upon previous recommendations in the I-70 Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (2011), the I-70 Mountain Corridor Mobility and Operations Assessment (2011), and the FHWA Coordinated Freeway and Arterial Operations Handbook (2006). The Operations Plan will:

  • inventory and evaluate existing and planned strategies to improve corridor operations;
  • analyze existing I-70 West corridor conditions data for safety, mobility and reliability;
  • develop alternative strategies;
  • review benefit-cost of alternative strategies;
  • use corridor values to evaluate and screen operational strategies; and
  • develop a plan that prioritizes operational strategies to be implemented on the corridor over the next one to three years, three to five years, and five to 10 years.

The project will have periodic meetings with corridor stakeholders. CDOT anticipates completing the project in 2017.

For more information, please contact Project Manager Lisa Streisfeld.