US 34 & US 85 Interchange PEL Study

A team is studying the US Highway 34/US Highway interchange, with plans to develop a new design concept and secure future project funding.

Using concepts identified during a related study of US 85, the US 34/US 85 PEL study will examine potential interchange designs. The team will evaluate interchange concepts based on:

  • project cost;
  • construction phasing;
  • safety; and;
  • local connectivity.

CDOT will conduct further design and construction as funding becomes available.


  1. Complete the traffic study.
  2. Evaluate interchange concepts.
  3. Select preferred interchange concept.
  4. Identify and design early action projects.

Study Area

US 34-85-PEL Map.png

Project Background

During the US 85 Planning and Environmental Linkages Study, the project team named the US 34/US 85 interchange a priority. In January 2016, CDOT and US 85 Coalition identified key concerns of stakeholders and community members, and prepared for future interchange design changes.