US 85 and Weld County Road (WCR) 44 Intersection

Project Overview

CDOT has been evaluating the feasibility of a new intersection at US 85 and WCR 44 in Peckham, Colorado. The purpose of the new intersection is to improve safety, eliminate interaction between roadway traffic and the Union Pacific Railroad, and provide efficient access for existing properties and future development.

A new grade-separated intersection is needed to address the following issues:

  • Safety – The current US 85 and WCR 44 intersection and approaches experience higher than expected number of crashes due to the skewed corridor and angle of the intersection.
  • Railroad Proximity – The close proximity of the UPRR and the US 85/WCR 44 intersection negatively impacts the operations and safety at the intersection.
  • Access – The current number, locations, and design of public roadway accesses have contributed to traffic operational and safety deficiencies along the corridor.

Planning, environmental, roadway design, traffic analyses, and public outreach have all been underway to support the development and evaluation of multiple intersection configurations.

After considering several intersection configurations and discussing the alternatives with the public and local agencies, the project team is recommending a new intersection that includes the following improvements:

  • Moving the existing US 85 and WCR 44 intersection, north along US 85;
  • Building a grade-separated intersection to the north of the existing intersection;
  • Continuing the grade-separation of WCR 44 over the UPRR to the east; and
  • Constructing a roundabout at the west end of the grade-separated intersection.

07_Roundabout Concept US 85 WCR 44 13319-26-03 copy.jpg

Conceptual rendering of the recommended grade-separated intersection, looking northeast from US 85

07_Roundabout Concept US 85 WCR 44 13319-26-05.jpg

Conceptual rendering of the recommended grade-separated intersection, aerial view

Conceptual renderings are visual representations only and may not accurately depict the final roadway design and alignment.

For more information on the development and evaluation of possible intersections, please see the Meeting Materials from the Public Meeting held on July 25, 2018.