US 24 Intersection Improvement at Baylor & DePaul

About the Project

This project will focus on a three-way signal at the intersection of US Highway 24 and Baylor Drive and DePaul Avenue in Buena Vista.

Project Benefits

Studies have shown a growing amount of traffic on US 24, especially along Baylor Drive where there is a large residential area. Buena Vista is also an active community with many pedestrians and bicycles crossing the highway. With all modes of travel interacting on this stretch of highway at once, it was determined that a new signalized intersection will create a safer environment and more efficient flow of traffic for everyone.


  • Three-way signal at US 24, DePaul Avenue and Baylor Drive
  • Micro-surfacing (laying asphalt over the existing pavement) at the approaches of the intersection in each direction
  • New striping and markings including turn lanes and multi-modal features for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Sidewalk removal and replacement with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) will be added to the northwest and northeast corners of US 24 and Baylor Drive
  • Enhanced pedestrian safety at crosswalks
  • Reflective backplates to increase visibility of the traffic signal heads, especially for night drivers and during low-visibility situations 

Work Schedule:

  • Typical working hours will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday
  • The project will begin mid-August and go through October

Traffic Impacts:

  • Motorists can expect a southbound right turn lane closure from US 24 into DePaul Avenue and occasional single lane closures on US 24

Project Facts

  • Construction Cost: $2 Million
  • Contractor: Bixby Electric
  • Timeline: August to November
  • Location: US 24 
    • Nearest Town/City: Buena Vista
    • Mile Point(s): MP 211.05 to MP 211.33
    • County: Chaffee