US 24 Intersection Improvements

About the Project:

Work will take place along westbound US 24 at the intersections of 8th Street, 21st Street and 31st Street which is south and east of Manitou Springs

The first phase of the intersection project will occur westbound on US 24 at 31st Street at Mile Point 300.44. Upon completion of work at 31st Street, crews will move operations to US 24 at 8th Street at MP 303.43. The final phase of the project is on US 24 at 21st Street at MP 302.07.

Project Benefits

  • New signs and pavement markings will bring greater attention to the pedestrian crossing
  • The pedestrian crossing across the right-turn lane will be raised requiring right-turn vehicles to slow
  • The pedestrian crossing across US 24 at 31st Street will be moved to the opposite side of the intersection, removing the conflicts between southbound left-turning traffic and pedestrians

Work Schedule:

  • The project is anticipated to end at the end of July 2024
  • The project work hours are Sunday through Thursday from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Traffic Impacts:

Motorists can expect the following impacts during the period of construction:

  • Right turn lane lanes will be closed
    • A pedestrian detour will be provided
  • Refer to for real-time travel conditions and road closures

Work this Week & Lane Closures US 24 & 31st Street

Work this Week & Lane Closures US 24 & 8th Street

Work this Week & Lane Closures US 24 & 21st Street

Project Facts

  • Construction Cost: $1.1 Million
  • Contractor: Rodriguez Construction
  • Timeline: November 14, 2023 through July 2024 (delay due to winter shutdown)
  • Location: US 24 
    • Nearest Town/City: South and east of Manitou Springs
    • Mile Point(s): 300 to 303.5
    • County: El Paso
US 24 & 8th Avenue
US 24 & 8th Avenue
US 24 & 21st Avenue
US 24 & 31st Avenue
US 24 & 31st AvenueUS 24 & 21st Avenue