US 34 at 35th & 47th Avenues Interchanges Design Study

Virtual Public Meeting #2

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CDOT and the City of Greeley hosted a second virtual public meeting for the US 34 design study on Dec. 9, 2020. Virtual public meeting #2 presented the recommended interchange designs to get your feedback before moving forward to final design. Links to recordings of the meeting and the meeting script can be found below. Any questions or comments can be sent to the project team. Please refer to the contact section for options.

Project Overview

Earlier this year, CDOT and the City of Greeley began the design and environmental process for new interchanges at both 35th and 47th Avenues along US 34 within the City of Greeley. The design and environmental process will be completed in 2022. Construction will begin once this phase is complete and further funding is identified. In 2019, funding for the design and construction of the interchanges was approved by Greeley City Council and the State Transportation Commission.

US 34 is a critical east-west transportation link for northern Colorado's large and growing communities. The corridor carries traffic between Rocky Mountain National Park through Loveland and Greeley to the Eastern Plains with access to US 287, I-25, US 257, US 85, I-76, and to the eastern Colorado border. Development along US 34 is increasing travel demand and necessitating the need to improve safety for users, reduce congestion and improve mobility. The current intersections at 35th and 47th Avenues have numerous deficiencies. The project is intended to result in the following:

  • Improve safety
  • Increase capacity to accommodate regional growth
  • Reduce congestion and improve throughput
  • Accommodate bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit
  • Minimize private property impacts
  • Minimize potential environmental impacts

The next steps with this project are to review the alternatives presented in the US 34 Planning and Environmental (PEL) Study (completed in January 2019) and identify additional alternatives that resolve the deficiencies. A preferred alternative will be identified for each intersection together with public and stakeholder input. The project includes traffic analysis for the US 34 corridor within the project limits and environmental clearance of the selected alternatives.

Project Schedule

Project Start & Study Traffic: Spring 2020
Study Interchanges Alternatives: Spring 2020
Narrow Down Alternatives: Summer 2020
Preliminary Design Phase: 2020-2021
Final Design Phase: 2021

US 34 Bridge Rendering

Source: AECOM Initial Concept Rendering - US 34 over 47th Avenue

Outreach Schedule

US 34 Outreach schedule