US 34 and US 36 Resurfacing

About the Project:

The Colorado Department of Transportation has completed the first project phase of the project. A retaining wall was constructed, east of Riverrock Circle, to prevent erosion due to the river on US 36A/Moraine Avenue.

Project Benefits

Benefits of constructing the retaining wall include:

  • Enhanced road stability: The retaining wall will significantly reduce erosion along US 36, ensuring the roadway remains stable, maintaining structural integrity during periods of high-water flows.
  • Safety improvements: By reinforcing the road, the project will create a safer travel experience for motorists by minimizing the risk of road collapse or unexpected road surface irregularities.
  • Long-term cost savings: Investing in a retaining wall now will mitigate the need for frequent, costly road repairs in the future, due to ongoing erosion issues.
  • Environmental protection: By reducing the impact on the surrounding land and habitat, it helps preserve the natural beauty of the Big Thompson River area.
  • Resilience against extreme weather: The structure will provide added protection against erosion from the river and the effects of extreme weather events, such as heavy rainfall or snowmelt, ensuring the road remains passable and safe during such conditions.
  • Minimized traffic disruptions: By addressing the root cause of the road damage, the retaining wall will reduce the likelihood of future road closures for repair work, leading to fewer traffic disruptions and delays.

Work this Week & Lane Closure US 34/US 36 Resurfacing

Project Facts

  • Construction Cost: $10 Million
  • Contractor: Simon
  • Timeline: February through September 2024
  • Location: US 34A from North Saint Vrain Avenue to Mall Road and US 36A from CO 66 to West Elkhorn Avenue 
    • Nearest Town/City: Estes Park
    • Mile Point(s): MP 4.97 to MP 6.20
    • County: Larimer
MAP showing work zones on the US 34 and US 36 Resurfacing Project
US 34 and US 36 Resurfacing Project Location Map

US 34 and US 36 Project: Phase II

The second phase of the project began in the spring which included ADA-compliant curb ramp upgrades at the intersections of US 36A and Mary’s Lake Road, US 36/North Saint Vrain Avenue, and East Elkhorn Avenue. The ramps ensure sidewalks, street crossings, and pedestrian pathways are accessible to people with disabilities.

Overnight paving operations will begin July 7 on US Highway 34/Big Thompson Avenue near Steamer Drive on July 7. US 34 at Mall Road to US 36/North Saint Vrain Avenue will be milled and paved. Once US 34 construction is completed, paving on US 36/Moraine Avenue will be finalized. Nightwork will alleviate roadway congestion. Repaving improves safety and extends pavement lifespan, with milling and resurfacing required every 10 to 15 years.

US 34 and US 36 Project: Phase II Virtual Presentation

Anyone with questions or comments, can call the project hotline or email [email protected].

Phase 2 Travel Impacts:

  • Working hours are Sunday to Thursday, 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. with possible weekend work as necessary.
  • On US 34, between east of Mall Road to Lakefront Street, there will be alternating lane closures with flaggers. After Lakefront Street, traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction with flaggers in place to guide traffic.
  • On US 36, motorists can anticipate alternating lanes with flaggers in place to guide traffic.
  • The work schedule is weather-dependent and subject to change.