US 50 and Baxter Road Intersection Safety Improvements

About the Study

This project is on US 50 and Baxter Road in Pueblo, MP 7.0 to MP 8.0. The project will include raised concrete islands, installation of new signs, minor widening on the north side of the intersection to improve the turning radius for trucks, acceleration lane for the southbound to westbound right turn movement and installation of an Intersection Conflict Warning System.

Project Area

US 50 Baxter Road Intersection project location map

Schedule & Important Dates

  • Advertisement Fall of 2024
  • Construction Spring of 2025

  • To provide information and plans for the intersection to the traveling public prior to construction.
  • Reduce the frequency of crashes by alerting drivers to conflicting vehicles on adjacent approaches at un-signalized intersections.
  • ICWS are used at intersects with Limited sight distance as well as a history of crashes involving gap acceptance problems.