Become a Technician or Recertify

If you're looking for resources to get certified (or renew certification) as a child passenger safety technician, you've come to the right place.

To certify:
You must take and pass the CPS Certification Course and pay a course fee of $95.

To recertify, you must meet the following requirements and record the activities in your online profile:

  • Conduct all five different types of seat checks with a certified Instructor or Proxy.
  • Participate in at least one community education (checkups, community workshop, educational session).
  • Participate in at least six continuing education units (CEUs).
    As part of ongoing quality assurance, you may be randomly selected for a CEU audit. Keep proof of content and completion of CEUs handy for three months after you recertify. You can monitor your audit status in your online profile.
  • If you are an instructor, complete 20 Certification/Certification Renewal Testing Course teaching hours. At least 10 of the 20 hours must be earned through lecturing or hands-on teaching of the full Certification Course. The other 10 may be earned from mentoring or teaching the Certification Renewal Testing Course.
  • Pay the recertification fee. The recertification fee is $55 for technicians and instructor candidates, and $60 for instructors. A detailed fee table is available on this website under Resources-FAQs/Fees. Check your online profile if you are not sure when your certification expires. You must complete all recertification requirements, including paying the recertification fee, on or before the expiration date of your current certification.

All information, and more details, are courtesy the National CPS Certification Training Program.

Find a continuing education unit (CEU) course, webinar, or other opportunity on our training calendar.

You can also request to host a CEU Update Course by completing the training request form.

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