Car Seat Safety | Parents & Caregivers

Three out of four parents think their children are in the right car seat, but they are not. Car Seats Colorado is dedicated to keeping kids ages 0-15 safe on Colorado roadways.

  1. Is your child in the right car seat?
    Know for sure with these car seat recommendations.
  2. Get an inspection.
    Car Seats Colorado supports more than 140 inspection stations across the state. Inspection stations offer assistance for parents and caregivers, and inspectors can check to make sure your child's car seat is the right size and is installed properly.

  3. What should you expect from a CPS technician during a seat check? 
    See the full list of CPS technicians here
  4. Learn about recalls.
    Check on current car seat and booster seat recalls.
  5. Download materials.
    CDOT and Car Seats Colorado offer a series of downloadable brochures that offer guidance on securing your child properly in your vehicle. If you would like to order printed brochures, please contact [email protected]. In your message, please include your name, mailing address, materials and quantities requested.

    All brochures below are available in English and Spanish.

    Child Safety Brochure (all ages)

    Four Stages of Car Seat Safety

    Child Safety Brochure (rear-facing)

    Rear facing brochure

    Child Safety Brochure (front-facing)

    Child Safety Brochure (front-facing)

    Child Safety Brochure (boosters seats)

    Booster Seat Brochure

    Child Safety Brochure (seat belts)

    Child Safety Brochure (seat belts)

    Colorado Child Passenger Safety Law Card

    CPS Law Enforcement Card Front

    Emergency ID Sticker
    Available by request

    Emergency ID Sticker

    Prescription for Safety Cards
    Available via download only

    Prescription Child Safety Card

    Used Car Seat Checklist
    Available via download only

    Used Car Seat Checklist