Safety Data Archive

405C Traffic Records Program

Formerly 408

Accident & Rates Books & Accident Coding Information

Colorado Problem Identification (ID) Reports

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2012 Fatality Data by Race and Ethnicity

2011 Occupant Protection Program Assessment

Driver Surveys

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Drugged Driving Statistics 2013-2015

Fatal Crash Data

NHTSA Counter Measures That Work

Online Transportation Information Systems (OTIS)

Safety Analysis Information

Seat Belt Survey Results

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Safety & Crash Data

Accident and Rates Book, Highway Accident Coding Information, 408 Traffic Records Program, Problem ID & Annual Report, Fatal Crash Data, and Safety Analysis Information.

Safety Planning

Colorado Department of Transportation Highway Safety Improvement Program

CDOT's strategic plan for improving roadway safety. This report describes the planning, implementation and evaluation of each aspect of Colorado’s program to reduce the number and severity of traffic accidents and to decrease the potential for accidents on all highways in the state.

Safety Statistics

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Transportation Safety and Traffic Engineering Annual Report

Application Score Sheet

Vehicle Operators Charged with DUI in Crashes

Vehicle operators charged with DUI and suspected of DUI in crashes

Safety Data

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2020 CDOT Mail Survey Report 09-09-20

2022 Seat Belt Survey Report

Colorado Department of Transportation contracted with Atélior, LLC to conduct a comprehensive state of seat belt usage in June 2022. This report highlights the findings of this study.