What Will YOU Lose? Targets Treatment Centers to Reach DUI Offenders

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Last month, CDOT launched its new felony DUI campaign, What Will YOU Lose?, to reduce impaired driving in Colorado. The campaign featured real DUI offenders speaking about what they've lost as a result of their conviction.

In March, CDOT focused its campaign efforts on treatment centers throughout the state—working with the Colorado Department Corrections, Office of Behavioral Health, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and DUI prevention advocates—to increase awareness about Colorado's felony DUI law and other consequences of impaired driving. CDOT developed two new campaign videos in addition to those that previously aired on broadcast and connected TV, and made them available to more than 700 statewide treatment centers. It also provided cards and posters highlighting its message.

By directly reaching out to those who have received a DUI before, CDOT hopes to prevent them from becoming repeat offenders.