DR3447: New State of Colorado Traffic Crash Report Form

Urgent Action Needed: DR3447 Crash Report Form Adoption and Reporting to the Department of Revenue (DOR) is Required No Later than June 30, 2021. (Read the DOR Bulletin Here)

What is the DR3447?

The DR3447 is the new crash report form for Colorado, replacing the DR2447.

Why update the DR2447?

A lot of things have evolved in Colorado since the DR2447 came out in 2006. There is a growing number of non-motorists (bicyclists and pedestrians) involved in crashes, distraction has been increasing (especially with phones and electronic devices), marijuana has been legalized, and autonomous vehicles are on the way.

What considerations are taken into account?

Millions of dollars are spent on initiatives related to roadway safety in Colorado each year. There are increasing demands that those efforts be data driven to meet the needs of safety analysts. At the same time, it is important to ensure that officers completing the forms can efficiently and reliably enter the requested data. Other considerations include the ability of officers to enter and submit crash data electronically, as well as the ability to link crash data to other data sets for improved safety analysis.

Who has been involved in this effort?

Over seventy individuals were consulted for this effort, representing organizations as diverse as Safe Kids, Bike Denver, Bicycle Colorado, MADD, DUID Victims Voices, City and County law enforcement and engineering, CSP, DRCOG, CDOR, CDOT, CHPHE, CDHS, CDE, CDAC, CDPS, FMCSA, NHTSA, and CMCA. Since May of 2016 over 10 work sessions have been held addressing various components of the crash data (crash, vehicle, driver, nonmotorists, the roadway, and the environment), as well as a range of uses for the data (engineering, behavior, enforcement, and health).

Note: The DR3447 Official Form PDF contains one instance of each page that might be needed in a given crash report. A given report may not need all of the different pages but may need more than one instance of some pages.

For more information on how using the pages of the DR3447, refer to the “Using the DR3447 Paper Form” document. This document also suggests how an agency might want to page the DR3447 pages to provide to the officers.