Each state approaches its pre-approved products program from different perspectives and with varying resources. Within Colorado, the Approved Products List (APL)—which is also referred to as a Qualified Products List (QPL) in some states—is designed to use our extremely limited resources to the maximum benefit of our customers. This website assists contractors in selecting all products required to be pre-approved, and for use by our project personnel verifying the acceptability of products delivered to the project site. Manufacturers may not be the end-result customers for this website, but it would be without value if they did not submit their products for inclusion.

The Notice To Contractors is a project materials acceptance document that is identical to the Special Notice to Contractors within the most recent CDOT Field Materials Manual (FMM).

The Notice To Manufacturers is a guide to the process for the correct submission of a product for placement on the APL.

The Qualified Manufacturers List is both the submission guide and the respective tables of eligible manufacturers as stipulated in CP 11, Quality Management Plans and the Qualified Manufacturers List, within the most recent FMM.

The Approved Products List Program is managed by CDOT's Product Evaluation Coordinator (PEC). Products will be added to the APL as soon as their evaluation has been completed. Products may be removed from the APL if justifiable concerns arise as to their quality or safety.

Questions and/or comments should be directed to the PEC; however, this should only be done after reading the applicable chapter(s) because most questions may have already been answered.

Edward Trujillo (Product Evaluation Coordinator)