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Each state approaches its pre-approved products program from different perspectives and with varying resources. Within Colorado, the Approved Products List (APL)—which is also referred to as a Qualified Products List (QPL) in some states—is designed to use our extremely limited resources to the maximum benefit of our customers. This website assists contractors in selecting all products required to be pre-approved, and for use by our project personnel verifying the acceptability of products delivered to the project site. Manufacturers may not be the end-result customers for this website, but it would be without value if they did not submit their products for inclusion.

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Procedural Directive

Contact for information about Procedural Directive 1401.1, Product Evaluation & Experimental Features

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Provide guidelines to the Contractor or Sub-Contractor, so that they can properly present their materials for inclusion in the construction project.

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By working together, manufacturers and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) can provide the best quality products to the people of Colorado. CDOT created an Approved Products List (APL) to assist contractors, project personnel, and manufacturers with a current list of products that meet or exceed current CDOT quality standards. Without manufacturers producing and submitting their best products to CDOT, the APL would not be possible.

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Qualified Manufacturers List

This Standard specifies requirements and procedures for a certification system that shall be applicable to all referenced manufacturers, as well as suppliers and contractors within certain industries. Certifying a Manufacturer’s Quality Management Plan is not an automatic acceptance of any particular product, but an acknowledgement that the Manufacture has taken steps to ensure that their quality controls meets the applicable Industry standards. Manufacturers whose Quality Management Plans are acceptable will be placed on the Qualified Manufacturers List (QML).

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Approved Products List Search

Look up products in the APL based on Category, Manufacturer Name, Product Name, or Product Number.

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Asphalt Warm Mix

Tabs below toggles the tables for Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) Technologies & Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) Contractors.

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Concrete Mix Designs

These concrete mix designs meet the requirements of the 2011 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction. Inclusion on the APL does not guarantee a mix will be approved for a project. Please contact Eric Prieve at 303-398-6542 for more information on these mix designs. This list is updated weekly.

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Any supporting documents related to the Approved Products List.

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Administrator Login

Login to update the current Approved Product List.

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