By working together, manufacturers and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) can provide the best quality products to the people of Colorado. CDOT created an Approved Products List (APL) to assist contractors, project personnel, and manufacturers with a current list of products that meet or exceed current CDOT quality standards. Without manufacturers producing and submitting their best products to CDOT, the APL would not be possible.

1. Scope

1.1 It is the intent of this chapter to provide guidelines to Manufacturers or their Product Representatives as to how to request the placement of their product(s) onto CDOT's Approved Products List (APL).

1.2  The document Notice To Manufacturers must be read in its entirety and followed precisely to have the process completed in a timely fashion.

1.3 The Product Evaluation Coordinator (PEC) is referenced on both the Main page and also under Contact Us in the menu. Even though we strive for optimal customer service please do not attempt communication without first reading the entire document Notice To Manufacturers.

1.4 The Pre-Approved Product Evaluation Request & Summary Form, CDOT Form #595, is an electronic fillable form. It was designed for you to use as a PDF writeable form and must be returned to the PEC as a PDF writeable form.

1.5 Details on how to proceed through the process have been provided—from the required software to fill out the form, to the information necessary to be placed on the form, to the type of supplemental documentation required, etc.

1.6 When a manufacturer requests that his/her product(s) be placed on CDOT's APL, that manufacturer commits to the perpetual maintenance of current and valid information for each of his/her products. Failure to provide notice of either a corporate or product change may cause removal from the APL of the product or products in question.