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Curb Ramp Compliance Initiative

CDOT recently embarked on an $85M effort to bring all curb ramps into compliance with the ADA and PROWAG standards over the next five years. With more than 20,000 curb ramps statewide, CDOT is taking a “worst first” approach to upgrading curb ramps and addressing deficiencies. This approach has been reviewed and vetted by the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition and includes nine categories that group curb ramps according to common issues.

View CDOT’s Curb Ramp Inventory


The 2017 ADA Transition Plan provides details about CDOT's approach to inventorying, categorizing, and upgrading curb ramps and associated pedestrian pushbuttons.

To request the installation of a curb ramp or accessible pedestrian signal, please complete the appropriate form and submit to the CRBRC.

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