B2Gnow & LCPtracker Compliance Systems

Information on B2GNow and LCPtracker, CDOT civil rights compliance systems

Systems Overview

CDOT uses two web platforms to track and monitor civil rights contract compliance. These systems allow contractors, consultants, engineers, civil rights specialists, and local agencies to enter and review pertinent information, enabling CDOT to  effectively ensure compliance with state and federal civil rights requirements.


B2GNow is CDOT's contract compliance system of record. B2GNow allows CDOT to monitor and report on compliance with the federal DBE regulation and subcontract prompt payment requirements.


LCPtracker is CDOT's labor compliance system of record for construction contracts only. Professional services consultants are not required to use LCPtracker. LCPtracker allows CDOT to monitor and report on labor compliance requirements like certified payroll and on the job training.

Getting Started with LCPtracker