Getting Started with B2GNow

CDOT uses the B2GNow system to monitor DBE participation and prompt payment compliance. Per CDOT Standard Specification 108.01, contractors must have a B2GNow account prior to award or approval of Form 205/1425. All primes, subs, and suppliers (<$10,000 contract value) are required to respond to monthly prompt payment audits and indicate whether they have received payment within allowable timeframes. Payment records will then be used to verify DBE participation against the commitments made during award.

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B2GNow Roles & Responsibilities

Different project roles will utilize B2G differently; see the table below for your responsibilities.

Construction Contractors Enter data, upload forms, respond to audits
Professional Services Consultants Enter data, upload forms, respond to audits
CDOT/Consultant Project Engineers Review and approve data, forms, and audits
Local Agency Project Engineers Review and approve data, forms, and audits
CDOT Region Civil Rights Offices Region QA/QC of data, forms, and audits
CDOT HQ Civil Rights Office Statewide reporting of data

Getting Help With B2GNow

There are several ways to get help with B2GNow. Please use the contact Information below to access the appropriate resources.

Prime contractor prequalification and accessing plans and specs

Darrell Wells, Construction Contracts Specialist

(303) 757-9215

[email protected]

Account Creation, DBE Commitments/Modifications, Prompt Payment Audits

Cat Wood, Subcontracting Compliance Specialist

(303) 757-9060

[email protected]

Project-Related Compliance Questions or Concerns

Contact your Region Civil Rights Office