BAP and Prime Contractor Prequalification

A firm interested in using the ESB BAP does not need to be prequalified with CDOT prior to submitting the BAP Application. Prequalification may happen at any point prior to bid submission, and the BAP may be used to meet the requirements of item 2.02.1(j) in the Bidding RulesPlease submit your prequalification application no less than 17 calendar days prior to the letting date of the project to ensure CDOT has adequate time to process your application.

There are two situations in which the BAP may impact your firm's prequalification status:

  • You are not prequalified and are planning to use the BAP to meet item 2.02.1(j) in CDOT's bidding rules.
  • You are prequalified but need the BAP to increase your prequalification level.

In both of these instances, you may use documentation from Lockton as evidence of single project performance bond capacity.

If you are already prequalified at the appropriate level and would like to use the BAP for a single project, you do not need to make any changes to your prequalification status with CDOT.

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