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Updated on March 28, 2019.
Superseded Construction Bulletins
File Implementation of the New Stormwater Construction Permit (Permit No. COR400000, Revised Permit No. COR030000) for Active Construction Projects
2019-1. March 28, 2019. The purpose of this Bulletin is to notify all project personnel working on projects that have a Colorado Discharge Permit System General Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Construction Activities (SCP), that a new SCP becomes effective on April 1, 2019. The goal is to eliminate or minimize when a change order is required on these projects.
File Project Evaluation System (PES) Update
2018-9. November 9, 2018. The purpose of this Bulletin (which replaces Construction Bulletin 2014-9) is to provide information and instruction regarding the changes to the Project Evaluation System (PES).
File Implementation of the Project First Program
2018-2. December 3, 2018. The purpose of this Construction Bulletin is to revise the CDOT Construction Manual to provide additional information regarding the implementation of Project First. CDOT is updating and improving the Partnering program. The new program is called Project First.
File ADA Accessibility Reqs. PD 605.1 [Form 464 Ref. Removed]
2018-1. Form #464 references have been deleted from the Procedural Directive 605.1 since the form is no longer used for curb ramps
File Work Zone Safety Guidelines for Engineering and Maintenance
2017-5. December 18, 2017. This contains the Chief Engineer's intermediate memo that replaces the C.E. memo "Work Zone Safety Guidelines", dated July 10, 2012. This interim memo itself will be soon replaced by a Procedural Directive on or before March 1, 2018 that will be developed by a Work Zone Task Force sub-group. This memo revises the following items to the 2012 Chief Engineer memo: (4) updating the record retention period for traffic control documents, (9) mobile work zone operations and (11) Oversize Overweight Permit Office (OSOW). It also updates new technologies, practices, and devices that will improve work zone safety.
File Curb Ramp As-Built Measurements: Interim Paper Form Instructions
2017-2. May 17, 2017. The Curb Ramp Accessibility Team is currently working on an app that will allow CDOT inspection staff to record curb ramp as-built measurements on a tablet in the field but until the app is released for use on projects, inspection staff should use the current Curb Ramp As-Built Form(s) found in the ADA website to record measurements.
File Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
2017-1. May 11, 2017. Numerous changes have been made to the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program both to remain compliant with federal law and to adopt the new B2G electronic system. To describe the revised program, some subsections of the Construction Manual have been moved and renumbered, and some new subsections have been added.
File Addendum to 2017-1 - Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
2017-1(a). May 11, 2017. B2G User Manual for Project Engineers.
File 3D Engineered Construction Surveying (3DECS)
2016-4. May 13, 2016. Section 625.11 of the Construction Manual has been added to address changes in construction due to CDOT providing three-dimensional modeling data to Contractors.
File Water Quality Control
2016-2. Revised on October 20, 2016. The memo provides a summary of major changes for the Revised Water Quality Control and Erosion Control Specifications, the Revised Environmental Pre-construction Agenda and Certification of Understanding, CDOT forms 1176 and 1177, the 2 SWMP sheets, and the Revised Stormwater Notebook Table of Contents and Notebook Tabs.
File Finals Notebook and ProjectWise For Construction
2016-1. Revised on July 26, 2016. Project Engineers must submit a Final Notebook and a separate Final Materials Notebook to the Finals Administrator. Plus, ProjectWise is now an acceptable location for housing electronic documentation for final pay quantities. This bulletin describes and authorizes these changes.
File C source code Construction Engineer In Responsible Charge
2015-7. November 19, 2015. A CDOT special task force recently created a new document, CDOT’s Construction Engineer In Responsible Charge Information Document, which details duties and responsibilities of a project’s Engineer In Responsible Charge (EIRC).During the construction phase, every project must have an Engineer in Responsible Charge. A project may require/need more than one EIRC. If you are working on a project and are not an EIRC on the project, then you are working under at least one EIRC. For more information about EIRC refer to CDOT’s Construction Engineer in Responsible Charge Information Document which is posted on CDOT’s External website at the same location as this manual.
File Office Word 2007 XML document Permanent Water Quality Mitigation Pool
2015-6. August 17, 2015. This bulletin supersedes Design Bulletin 2014-12: Permanent Water Quality Mitigation Pool Combination Projects and Construction Bulletin 2014-6: Permanent Water Quality Mitigation Pool. The purpose of this bulletin is to provide direction on tracking Permanent Water Quality (PWQ) project money. A project follows this procedure anytime PWQ Mitigation Pool funds are used (including local agency projects).
File Quality Level for PCCP
2015-5. July 13, 2015. Section of the Construction Manual has been revised to provide guidance for using the Concrete 03 program to determine the Quality Level for the incentive/disincentive payment. The guidance includes information on the input values to be used in Concrete 03.
File Policy on Inspector Training
2015-4. July 13, 2015. Policy Memos 25 and 25a - Construction Inspector Qualification Program, have been replaced by this updated section of the Construction Manual.
File Policy on Warranty Provisions
2015-3. May 4, 2015. It is not acceptable to accept a warranty of any kind in lieu of the Contractor providing specification material. If the Original contract did not include a warranty provision, do not add a warranty provision after project award.
File x-conference/x-cooltalk Preconstruction Agenda Update
Construction Notice. April 2, 2015. The Preconstruction Agenda was converted to an Excel format.
File Project Schedule
2015-1. February 18, 2015. Section 108.3 of the Construction Manual has been revised to provide guidance for reviewing contractor-prepared CPM schedules as required by the Standard Special Provision, Revision of Section 108 – Project Schedule, issued July 31, 2014. The guidance includes checklists to assist with the review of required schedule submittals. It also has a risk assessment table to evaluate when it may be appropriate to hire a consultant to assist with schedule reviews.
File Buy America Examples
2014-8. December 17, 2014. To fully comply with Buy America requirements, certification examples must clearly show that certification was received before the material was incorporated into the project, not monthly, nor at the end of the project. Additionally, CDOT must be able to track the amount of material delivered and incorporated into the project. To meet these requirements, changes have been made to the text and examples in the Construction Manual.
File Project Showings
2014-7. October 22, 2014. All personnel responsible for project showings that CDOT has a contractually mandated responsibility to provide accurate information to all contractors during the bidding process.
File New CDOT Brand for Construction Signs
2014-5. August 20, 2014. This bulletin provides guidance to construction project personnel for ordering the new logos for construction information signs.
File Updated Work Zone Safety and Mobility Rule Procedures Document
2014-4. July 16, 2014. CDOT has updated the Work Zone Safety and Mobility (WZSM) Rule Procedures Document, dated July 2014.
File Interpreting the Pavement Smoothness Specification and Profiler Operating Parameters
2014-3. May 8, 2014. This Construction Bulletin explains when asphalt smoothness categories on projects can be changed.
File Revised Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program (DBE) Standard Special Provision
2014-2. March 28, 2014. All project personnel should become familiar with the DBE Requirements to ensure Contractor compliance. This construction bulletin outlines the requirements for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program compliance on federally-funded projects, including forms and procedures.
File Entering Contractors’ Drawdown Schedules
2014-1. January 13, 2014 (Revised on July 24, 2015). This bulletin explains what to do with contractor-provided construction drawdown schedules, and identifies technical support resources.
File D source code Existing Active Projects and the September 2013 Flood
2013-10. September 23, 2013. CDOT is not asking Contractors to be pulled off existing projects to help with flood recovery efforts. But if Contractors feel they need an excusable delay on an active project due to recovery efforts, they will need to submit a request to the Project Engineer. Each request will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Project Engineer and Resident Engineer.
File Notification for Serious Accident or Event on Construction Projects
2013-9. July 19, 2013 (Revised on December 11, 2013). This bulletin provides guidance to CDOT construction project personnel for notification about serious accidents or events on construction projects. The "Notification for Serious Accident or Event" form is accessible only through CDOT's intranet.
File New Form 205 Sublet Permit Application
2013-8. June 28, 2013. Information about new Form 205.
File Regional Contracts for Water Quality and Erosion Control
2013-7. June 19, 2013. The FHWA has approved a new CDOT SEP 14 contract which allows CDOT to use federal money to create and administer region-wide water quality and erosion control contracts.
File Office Word 2007 XML document FASTER Reporting Requirements
2011-1. February 3, 2011. This construction bulletin provides guidance on reporting employment on projects either partially or wholly funded by the Funding Advancements for Surface Transportation and Economic Recovery (FASTER) legislation.
File Combined Bridge Enterprise and CDOT Funded Projects
2010-8. October 21, 2010. This construction bulletin assist the regions with designing and constructing projects while meeting the needs of the business office when handling co-funded Bridge Enterprise-CDOT projects.

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