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Construction Bulletins
Updated on August 18, 2017.
Design Bulletins
Updated on August 3, 2017.
Construction and Design Notices
These notices are used to convey Design and Construction Project Support general information.
Division of Project Support Memos
Updated on May 19, 2017.
Local Agency Bulletins
Updated on July 28, 2017.
Innovating Contracting Bulletins
Updated September 17, 2014.
Additional Guidance Documents
Revised January 21, 2016.
2014 CDOT Construction Manual (Revised on May 11, 2017)
The CDOT Construction Manual is an operational manual of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). It defines the criteria and procedures to be used by engineering personnel in the administration of construction contracts. The instructions and procedures in this Manual are written and intended for use by Project Engineers and Project Inspectors. You cannot buy this manual through the CDOT Bid Plans Office but can only download it here for free.
File C source code CDOT’s Construction Engineer In Responsible Charge Information Document
October 2015. The purpose of this document is to provide information and guidance regarding the Engineer in Responsible Charge (EIRC) duties as they relate to construction of CDOT’s projects.
Project Development Manuals
January 2013, and July 2001 manuals. You cannot buy these manuals anymore through the CDOT Bid Plans Office but can only download them here for free.
File Project, Program, and Cash Management Workbook (Interim)
June 2015. This manual primarily focuses on any project delivery guidance documents related to scope, schedule, cost, and drawdowns. It is not intended to be an all-encompassing project delivery document but serve as a consolidation of recent information to help project staff navigate the current Project, Program, and Cash Management environment. It should be used in conjunction with all other resources.
CDOT Roadway Design Guide 2005
Updated April 10, 2017
Local Agency Manual 2006 (Revised on July 27, 2017)
The main purpose of the CDOT Local Agency Manual is to assist Local Agency personnel (a public agency, local public agency, established public owned organization, or private interest that can legally enter into an agreement with CDOT for a transportation project) involved in the design, construction and management of State and Federally funded projects. The Manual is also recommended for CDOT personnel who manage Local Agency projects.
File CDOT Project Development Branch - Status Summaries of Manuals
A list of Project Development Branch manuals and their statuses as of July 2015.
CDOT Cable Barrier Guide
August 2017
CDOT Pipe Material Selection Guide
Revised on April 30, 2015. This guide will enable Project Managers (PMs) to select the allowable pipe material options for each installation on a specific project.
CDOT Drainage Design Manual
File CDOT Utility Manual
January 31, 2011. Guidelines for accommodating utilities in the State Highway Rights of Way.
File chemical/x-isostar 2014 CDOT Inspector's Checklist
The intent of this Checklist is to prompt the Inspector to research source documents to determine answers. The Inspector should also consult with the Project Engineer and other experienced personnel if further clarification is required.
File 2006 CDOT Lighting Design Guide
The CDOT Lighting Design Guide is based on the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) Lighting Handbook Ninth Edition and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) 2005 Roadway Lighting Design Guide. It represents the current recommended practice for roadway lighting and includes criteria for typical applications found in the state of Colorado. The CDOT Lighting Design Guide should be used in conjunction with the latest version of these two references.
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2011 Construction Specifications
M&S Standard Plans
These websites are all about CDOT's MicroStation, InRoads, and ProjectWise programs, and processes for Highway Engineering Design.
Policy Memos
Safety Selection Guide
The information provided in this Crash Cushion and End Treatment Selection Guide is issued by the Project Development Branch to aid designers in the proper selection and use of the hardware.
2016 CDOT Design-Build Manual
September 2016. This Manual provides procedures, guidelines, information, resources and insight for the user to successfully develop and implement a design-build contracting strategy that is unique, yet in compliance with Federal regulations, State Legislation and Department Policy.
Materials and Geotechnical Manuals
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The 2014 Field Materials Manual, 2014 CDOT Pavement Design Manual, Laboratory Manual of Test Procedures, and WAQTC Manual are now on the Materials and Geotechnical Manuals website.
Materials Bulletins
Updated on July 1, 2013.
ROW Manual
Right of Way Manual
Survey Manual
Bridge Manuals
Bridge Design Manual, Bridge Detail Manual, Metric Bridge Geometry Manual, Bridge Rating Manual, Pontis Bridge Inspection Coding Guide
Traffic Manuals & Guidelines
Various Federal & State of Colorado Traffic Manuals. Traffic Guidelines and Information. Safety and Crash Data Reports. Federal Hazard Elimination and Railroad Crossing Protection Programs. Lane Closure Strategies and Work Zone Safety.
Designing Streets for Pedestrians and Bicyclists
Information on designing and engineering bicycle and pedestrian facilities.
File application/ms-word Colorado Supplement to the Transportation Enhancement Guidelines
October, 2000
CDOT Landscape Architecture Manual, 2014
The Manual has been developed to guide designers for desired environmentally and aesthetic outcomes of highway projects.
File chemical/x-isostar On-Site Manufacturer's Representation and Certification Checklist

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