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CDOT's Office of CADD & ProjectWise programs, and Highway Engineering Design Processes

These websites cover CDOT's MicroStation, InRoads, and ProjectWise programs, and design processes for Highway Engineering.
CDOT's V8i SS4 Configuration for Consultants
For CDOT's V8i SS4 - V06.00.07. Released on July 27, 2017. Revised on December 18, 2017. (These changes are automatic for CDOT users.)
CDOT's V8i SS2 Configuration for Consultants
For CDOT's V8i SS2 - Version 05.06.00 (Revised on 11/12/15). Version 05.05.00 (Released on 01/16/13). XM Version 04.01.00, and 2004 Version 03.02.03. (These changes are automatic for CDOT users.)
Consultant's Access to CDOT ProjectWise
Contains the workflow that Consultants should follow to access the CDOT ProjectWise environment and their respective project data using the new CDOT Gateway Service.
File New ProjectWise Project Folder Structure Announcement
Important notice to all ProjectWise users.
File ProjectWise Reference Manual
ProjectWise is a secure, permission-based environment where highway project information can be stored and shared. Documents can be checked out for revisions and checked back in when completed, or they can be checked out for review only. CDOT has implemented ProjectWise to manage documents including MicroStation and InRoads files, Microsoft Office Documents, as well as highway project plans, photos, and aerial images. The purpose of this reference manual is to present general practices and procedures for the implementation and use of ProjectWise for CDOT employees and consultants.
ProjectWise User Training Materials
Training Videos (these videos do not have to be viewed in sequential order), and a link to the ProjectWise Intranet website for CDOT employees only.
The Chief Engineer's memo on archiving C/E documents in ProjectWise
September 11, 2017
Training and Learning Resources for CADD, MicroStation, and InRoads
Includes training materials for MicroStation V8i-SS2 & InRoads V8i-SS2, MicroStation XM & InRoads XM, MicroStation 2004 & InRoads 2004, the CADD Training Curriculum, the CDOT 2011 & 2005 CADD Manuals, and other resources.
CADD "How-To" Workflows
For V8i SS4, V8i SS2, ProjectWise, V8 XM, V8 2004, Survey/Row
CDOT MicroStation V8i SS2 Training Videos
CADD Tips and Tricks
For MicroStation 2004, MicroStation 3D 2004, InRoads 2004, Miscellaneous, and External Tips.
List of Recent Updates and Revisions
Updated on January 16, 2018.
MicroStation/InRoads Disclaimer
CDOT CADD/Project Development websites
Design, Environmental, and Hydraulics websites and drawings.
File chemical/x-chemdraw MicroStation 2004 Help File
Due to XM over-writing MicroStation 2004's Help File.
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