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CDOT's Office of CADD & ProjectWise programs, and Highway Engineering Design Processes

These websites cover CDOT's MicroStation, InRoads, and ProjectWise programs, and design processes for Highway Engineering. Please note, CDOT has recently moved its Headquarters and Region 1 HQ to: 2829 W. Howard Place, Denver, CO 80204. Please update this address change in all documents that still have the old CDOT address (4201 E. Arkansas Ave. Denver, CO 80224) in them. All documents with the old address are still official and good to use. Thank you.
CDOT's V8i SS2 Configuration for Consultants

For CDOT's V8i SS2 - Version 05.06.00 (Revised on 11/12/15). Version 05.05.00 (Released on 01/16/13). XM Version 04.01.00, and 2004 Version 03.02.03. (These changes are automatic for CDOT users.)

ProjectWise Reference Manual

ProjectWise is a secure, permission-based environment where highway project information can be stored and shared. Documents can be checked out for revisions and checked back in when completed, or they can be checked out for review only. CDOT has implemented ProjectWise to manage documents including MicroStation and InRoads files, Microsoft Office Documents, as well as highway project plans, photos, and aerial images. The purpose of this reference manual is to present general practices and procedures for the implementation and use of ProjectWise for CDOT employees and consultants.

ProjectWise User Training Materials

Training Videos (these videos do not have to be viewed in sequential order), and a link to the ProjectWise Intranet website for CDOT employees only.

3D Engineered Modeling Resource Information

CDOT is now implementing 3D engineered modeling for construction initiative to be used on qualified projects. This documents summarizes the requirements for a project to use 3D engineered modeling.

CADD Tips and Tricks

For MicroStation 2004, MicroStation 3D 2004, InRoads 2004, Miscellaneous, and External Tips.

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