CDOT Implementation of OpenRoads Designer and ProjectWise Managed Workspaces (includes files to be downloaded)

Notice: CDOT will be using the Bentley OpenRoads Designer (ORD 10.10) Version of Software. Please click on this link to access more information

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will be using Bentley Systems ProjectWise and OpenRoads Designer software on all new projects effective immediately. ProjectWise is a Bentley Systems, Incorporated software package that serves as a document management system to manage engineering project documents. CDOT has implemented ProjectWise to manage documents, including OpenRoads Designer (ORD) files, Microsoft Office Documents, as well as project photos and aerial images. ProjectWise provides a secure environment where project information can be stored. When individuals check out an OpenRoads Designer file from ProjectWise, the CDOT ORD workspace will be deployed using ProjectWise Managed Workspaces. Workspaces are used to force the correct design and detailing standards when working in ORD. Using Managed Workspaces guarantees the designer will be using the most up to date CADD workspace resources (cells, levels, color table, seed files, print styles, features, etc.) when the file is opened from ProjectWise. That way, any updates are made to the CADD standards; they will be available to the designer automatically. For those who are working locally, including consultants and outside entities, we have provided a copy of the up-to-date ORD Workspace and the Installation Guide for local installation on your local machine available to download. The links in this folder (please click on the title) contains the zip of the Workspace and the Installation Guide that can be uploaded to the CDOT CADD & PW External Website for local install by CDOT users & consultants to download. It is important that we keep the Workspace .zip and Installation Guide as separate links as the Guide has very specific instructions.

CDOT OpenRoads Designer Installation Guide

CDOT ORD Workspace_10.08.01.33-06.03.2021-01
We have updated the CDOT ORD Workspace and released it on June 3rd, 2021. If you have downloaded the ORD workspace prior to this date, please use this link above to download the latest ORD Workspace package. Please note that CDOT is currently using OpenRoads Designer Connect Edition – 2020 Release 2 Update 8 – Version