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2017 Construction Specifications

The 2017 Standard Specification Book is mandatory for use on projects advertised after October 1, 2017 but NOT after September 30, 2019.
The 2017 Construction Standard Specification book is only online now and is no longer available for purchase.
File Letter to Region Transportation Directors, Region Program Engineers, and Branch Heads
File text/texmacs Letter to Contractors and Consultants
File Letter to Counties and Municipalities
File Letter to Writers and Users of the Standard Special Provisions
File Significant changes in CDOT's 2017 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction book
Addition to our email distribution lists
Issued July 2017.
Standard Special Provisions
The latest revisions to formally issued standard special provisions that modify the Colorado DOT's 2017 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction.
Project Special Provision Worksheets
These work sheets are used to create commonly used project special provisions that modify Colorado DOT's 2017 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction.
Sample Construction Project Special Provisions
Access to sample project special provisions that can be adapted to modify Colorado DOT's 2017 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction for a specific project.
Recently Issued Special Provisions
Updated on June 3, 2019. (Includes all past Special Provisions issued since July 20, 2017.)
Specification Changes Under Consideration
Innovative Contract Provisions
Includes innovative special provisions that modify Colorado DOT's 2017 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction.
Pilot Project Special Provisions
Project Specification Assembly Tool (PSAT)
This Tool assembles the required Project Special Provisions and the current Standard Special Provisions Index into an overall Specifications Package for use in an advertisement set. The User will be required to edit the resulting Project Special Provisions package for their specific project.
Guidelines for Writing Construction Specifications
Asphalt Cement Cost Adjustment
PLEASE NOTE: As of July 31, 2015, Flint Hills Resources stopped posting their daily prices for Hardisty WCS. Now they post only an once per month differential (less than) price in US$/BBL compared to West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil (WTI) daily prices. There are 6.65 BBLs of crude oil (average gravity) in a short ton (source: USGS). The monthly average oil prices are in American dollars per short ton (2000 lbs).
Fuel Cost Adjustment - Denver No. 2 Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel
Traffic Special Provisions
Sample Bridge Project Special Provisions
Sample Environmental & Landscape Architecture Project Special Provisions
Materials Specs Check Lists in MS Excel
Materials Specifications and Related Items Checklist. (Microsoft® Excel 2000 required).
File application/ms-word Project Safety Management Plan (Example)
This is only an example of a project safety management plan. Activities in the actual project safety management plan will likely be different from the ones provided in this example. The real project safety management plan shall address specific construction activities for that project. Please see "Section 107.06 - Safety, Health, and Sanitation Provisions" in the 2017 Specifications book for more information. __________________________________________________________________
Past Davis-Bacon Minimum Wage Decisions for Colorado Highways

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