2021 CDOT M-E Pavement Design Manual

The purpose of this Pavement Design Manual is to provide CDOT and consulting designers with uniform and detailed procedures for designing pavements on CDOT highway projects. This 2021 manual is to be used after July 1, 2020 until June 30, 2023. This site also includes the "M-E Design Files and Templates".
2022 M-E Pavement Design Manual Addendum

Purpose of Document The purpose of this 2022 Pavement Design Manual Addendum is to update values contained in the current 2021 Pavement Design Manual based on data collected in the last year. Due to a delay in receiving calibrations, the 2023 Pavement Design Manual will not be published on July 1, 2022. Once calibrations are received and implemented the 2023 Pavement Design Manual will be published. In the meantime, the 2021 Pavement Design Manual, accompanied by this addendum, shall serve as the uniform and detailed procedure for designing pavements for Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and consultant pavement designers.