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The Materials and Geotechnical Branch is responsible for ensuring quality in the products and practices used for planning, design, construction and maintenance of Colorado’s transportation system. The Branch is responsible for the specifications, test procedures, and associated testing of materials to ensure compliance with CDOT standards and FHWA Regulations.  The support Programs within the Branch include Asphalt, Concrete and Physical Properties, Soils and Geotechnical, Geohazards, Pavement Design and Documentation, and Pavement Management.

Program Services

Soils / Geotechnical Program: The Soils/Geotechnical Program provides geological and geotechnical engineering recommendations and support for the design, construction and maintenance of CDOT projects involving roadway cut and fill, bridge, retaining wall, and other transportation structure foundations.  This Program also manages and runs pile driving analyzation program for bridge construction in addition to the Western Alliance for Quality Transportation Construction (WAQTC) certification for construction soil testers. This Program also manages CDOT’s geotechnical drilling operations that includes the installation of geotechnical instrumentation for long term monitoring. The Soils/Geotechnical Program works collaboratively with the Geohazards Program to evaluate geotechnical and geological hazards such as embankment and slope failures, landslides, sink holes, debris flows and others, as they affect safety and mobility along with providing emergency services for these features. 

Geohazards Program: The Geohazards Program provides expertise in the geotechnical engineering and geohazard fields. This involves data collection, interpretation, analysis, review and design work that direct the planning, design, construction and maintenance of civil engineering and environmental projects for CDOT. The engineers and scientists in this program provide geological expertise for rockfall, rockslide, mudslide and landslide geological hazard mitigation, design, construction and planning. This Program develops and maintains the statewide Geohazard Management System for directing funds and identifying statewide projects. The Program also provides emergency services for geological hazards, highway embankment, slope and subgrade failures. The Geohazards Program works collaboratively with the Soils/Geotechnical Program to help support soils and geotechnical engineering support. The Program also manages CDOT’s  aerial reconnaissance program used to assess and document emergency conditions and project development statewide.

Concrete & Physical Properties Program: The Concrete and Physical Properties Program provides timely and accurate test results for concrete, aggregate, soils, steel, and other construction and maintenance materials, maintaining an accredited laboratory in accordance with the AASHTO accreditation program (AAP).  This program provides statewide Portland cement concrete coordination through engineering and technical expertise that will assist the Regions in the development of the Department’s transportation system to meet the structural condition goals for bridges and the surface condition goals for pavement established by the Transportation Commission.  This Program consists of the concrete and steel testing unit, the aggregate testing unit, soils testing unit, the pavement deflection and smoothness testing unit, the radiation safety unit, and engineering support.

The primary products include review of concrete mix designs, design, production and quality assurance testing, and concrete design specifications for aggregates and concrete.  Quality assurance of many materials listed as COC or pre-inspection is included;

Asphalt Program: The Asphalt Pavement Program provides timely and accurate asphalt mix and binder testing, ensure high quality of CDOT asphalt mix and binder testing statewide, and provide engineering and technical expertise in the development, selection, application, construction, testing and maintenance of asphalt mix and binder materials that will assist the Regions in the development of the Department’s transportation system to meet the surface condition goals established by the Transportation Commission.  The Asphalt Pavement Program consists of the Bituminous and European Laboratory, the Flexible Pavement Laboratory, Chemical Unit and the Asphalt Engineering Unit. The Program maintains an accredited laboratory in accordance with the AASHTO accreditation program (AAP). 

Products of this program include production and assurance testing of asphalt mix and binder and the development of mix design specifications and testing procedures.  They also include QA testing of asphalt binders and emulsions, development of specifications, including performance-graded binders, and testing of mixtures using European and performance testing methods.  In addition, specifications for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) and other asphalt mixtures are reviewed and developed;

Pavement Management Program: The Pavement Management Program functions to implement the most cost effective surface treatment and pavement maintenance program possible.  The primary function is to create planning tools to be utilized in development of the Department’s transportation system such that it meets the surface condition goals established by the Transportation Commission.

The primary products and function of the Pavement Management Program include:

  • Network level pavement management condition and funding recommendations,
  • Project level pavement management procedures,
  • Completion of the annual pavement surface condition survey and analysis of the results at both the network and region levels,
  • Quality assurance of condition data collection,
  • Provide project recommendations and report on matching percentage of projects constructed by Regions,
  • Provide training relevant to pavement management and preventive maintenance, and
  • Provide technical expertise regarding improvements to procedures and policies relevant to pavement management.

Pavement Design Program/Documentation: The Pavement Design Program gives technical expertise in the development of Mechanistic – Empirical pavement designs and statistical materials acceptance specifications, offer technical expertise to all appropriate personnel, and provide statewide support for the Site Manager Materials and Laboratory Information Management System software used for construction project management, including training, technical assistance, and reporting while being responsive to customer needs in a timely and professional manner.

The primary products of the Pavement Design Program include:

  • Implementation and enhancements to the Mechanistic – Empirical pavement design procedures,
  • QC&QA specification development,
  • Engineering software support,
  • SiteManager Materials and Laboratory Information Management System support
  • QARs of pavement construction projects (as needed)

The Documentation Unit is part of the Pavement Design Program.  It oversees and maintains AMRL and CCRL Certification Records for the Materials Branch.  Also, this unit ensures compliance with AASHTO Designation R- 18 and updates and maintains the AASHTO Accreditation Program Quality System Manual.  This Unit maintains the records of Certification for the Annual Region Laboratory Inspection of testing equipment and reviews the Assurance Sampling and Testing Program to assure compliance with Title 23, CFR, Part 637, Subpart B.  It also provides materials documentation training and quality assurance review of materials documentation and final materials certification.  This Unit is also responsible for publication and currency of CDOT Field Materials Manual, Pavement Design Manual, and the Laboratory Manual of Test Procedures.

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