Concrete & Physical Properties Program

The Concrete and Physical Properties Program provides timely and accurate test results for concrete, aggregate, soils, steel, and other construction and maintenance materials, maintaining an accredited laboratory in accordance with the AASHTO accreditation program (AAP).  This program provides statewide Portland cement concrete coordination through engineering and technical expertise that will assist the Regions in the development of the Department’s transportation system to meet the structural condition goals for bridges and the surface condition goals for pavement established by the Transportation Commission.  This Program consists of the concrete and steel testing unit, the aggregate testing unit, soils testing unit, the pavement deflection and smoothness testing unit, the radiation safety unit, and engineering support.

The primary products include review of concrete mix designs, design, production and quality assurance testing, and concrete design specifications for aggregates and concrete.  Quality assurance of many materials listed as COC or pre-inspection is included.