Geohazard Program

The mission of the Geohazard Program is to provide geotechnical expertise for the management and safety of CDOT roadways.

The Geohazards Program provides expertise in the geotechnical engineering and geohazard fields. This involves data collection, interpretation, analysis, review and design work that direct the planning, design, construction and maintenance of civil engineering and environmental projects for CDOT. The engineers and scientists in this program provide geological expertise for rockfall, rockslide, mudslide and landslide geological hazard mitigation, design, construction and planning. This Program develops and maintains the statewide Geohazard Management System for directing funds and identifying statewide projects. The Program also provides emergency services for geological hazards, highway embankment, slope and subgrade failures. The Geohazards Program works collaboratively with the Soils/Geotechnical Program to help support soils and geotechnical engineering support. The Program also manages CDOT’s  aerial reconnaissance program used to assess and document emergency conditions and project development statewide.

It is important to recognize that geohazards are sporadic and unpredictable. They can occur at any time from almost any location along a slope. The purpose of implementing geohazard mitigation is to reduce the risk at a specific location.