Pavement Design Program/Documentation

The Pavement Design Program gives technical expertise in the development of Mechanistic – Empirical pavement designs and statistical materials acceptance specifications, offer technical expertise to all appropriate personnel, and provide statewide support for the Site Manager Materials and Laboratory Information Management System software used for construction project management, including training, technical assistance, and reporting while being responsive to customer needs in a timely and professional manner.

The primary products of the Pavement Design Program include:

  • Implementation and enhancements to the Mechanistic – Empirical pavement design procedures,
  • QC&QA specification development,
  • Engineering software support,
  • SiteManager Materials and Laboratory Information Management System support
  • QARs of pavement construction projects (as needed)

The Documentation Unit is part of the Pavement Design Program.  It oversees and maintains AMRL and CCRL Certification Records for the Materials Branch.  Also, this unit ensures compliance with AASHTO Designation R- 18 and updates and maintains the AASHTO Accreditation Program Quality System Manual.  This Unit maintains the records of Certification for the Annual Region Laboratory Inspection of testing equipment and reviews the Assurance Sampling and Testing Program to assure compliance with Title 23, CFR, Part 637, Subpart B.  It also provides materials documentation training and quality assurance review of materials documentation and final materials certification.  This Unit is also responsible for publication and currency of CDOT Field Materials Manual, Pavement Design Manual, and the Laboratory Manual of Test Procedures.