Project Coordination

CDOT Utility-Highway Project Coordination

Whenever CDOT undertakes a highway construction project that has the potential to impact utilities, the Region's Utilities personnel will investigate the presence of any utilities within the project boundaries, and coordinate any required relocation of utilities.

In certain cases, as in those where the utility is owned by a political subdivision of the State, or where the highway project will require the utility to relocate outside of the owner's own easement, the utility owner may be entitled to reimbursement for the relocation.  If so, a Standard Utility Agreement is usually executed between CDOT and the utility company.

The Region Utilities Engineer will contact all utilities that can be identified as being with the project area as soon as preliminary plans of the highway project are available - normally at the point in the planning/construction process known as the "Field Inspection Review" or FIR.

However, long-term highway project planning information is available to utility companies.  Such information can be obtained from the CDOT Planning and Construction website.

For more information about Utility/Highway Project Coordination, contact the appropriate CDOT Regional Office. For a map of the 5 CDOT Regions, and a list of Regional Utility Contacts, Click Here.