Buildings and Rest Areas Asset Management

The main building of the CDOT rest area in Edwards, Colorado


Effectively preserve CDOT’s Buildings and Rest Areas to support staff and the traveling public.


The Buildings and Rest Areas Assets are two of the twelve CDOT assets that were required to be established by the Fixing America Transportation Action (FAST Act) to measure the success of CDOT’s effort to improve safety, asset management, and mobility.

Program Areas

Assess buildings and rest areas annually using an in house designed evaluation criteria that assigns a condition score & letter grade to each building and rest area. Maintain inventory of buildings and rest areas.
Use condition score and letter grade from the annual condition assessments to develop funding requests to preserve and improve CDOT’s network of buildings and rest areas and implement new procedures that minimize cost to support statewide operations.
Maintain a continuous five-year funding cycle for building and rest area refurbishment & replacement.
Annual distribution of funds to maintenance sections used to maintain building and rest area assets.